We provide accurate Asbuilt 2D & 3D solution using reality capture

Our Solution

Cosmere utilises laser scanning technology to capture existing site condition with millimetre accuracy and deliver it to a 2D or 3D in multiple softwares . With our Laser scanning services, your design & execution team can view, measure and navigate the exact site conditions at your workplace using a web viewer.

Exisiting Challenge

In most of projects, it is very common that there are differences between the existing plans and the site conditions.Traditional survey method may not be able to capture the actual site situation due to limitations in access, visibility, hardware & time leading to rework, wastage and delays.


Our applications cover a range of industries from Industrial Plants, Offshore & Oil Gas to Marine

  • Monitoring Construction Projects:-Complete documentation and supervision of all construction phases
  • 3D Scan to BIM Model
  • Plant layouts and structural models in 3D
  • Asset Management and facilities management
  • Refurbishments and extensions:- Precise as-built documentation for plant upgrades
  • Reverse Engineering and Inspection Storage
  • As-Built Piping for plants – P & ID & Isometric
  • As-Built of Refinery’s / Chemical Plants Rig as-built piping for prefabrication (High & Low-Pressure Lines)
  • Post Fabrication and Pre Fabrication Quality Control
  • Ships Tank Calibration
  • Land Survey Volume Measurements


Capture The Project Site

Begin by scanning the project site using a 3D laser scanner to capture real world information of buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities into the digital world. Collect existing condition measurements from short and long range distances of complex geometries and structures within minutes for a complete recording of the current physical status.

Manage Scan Data

Once the existing conditions are captured into point clouds, the 3D data set is brought into a registration software used to align and manage individual point clouds. The registration software contains tools allowing users to process scan data, navigate through projects, visualize data in best color detail, take first measurements and collaborate the project.

Extract Project Deliverables

Extracting 2D and 3D data from point clouds is the most critical step in the laser scanning process. Cosmere provide professionals with extensive tools to generate 2D and 3D deliverables. Floor plans, profiles, elevations and 3D models can be efficiently generated by intuitive extraction workflows. We can deliver the models in most of the softwares like ; AutoCAD , Revit, Sketchup, Plant 3D ,Civil 3D , PDMS, Solidworks, Creo, Microstation etc .


Cut Field Time 50-70%

Time spent measuring on-site typically reduced by atleast 50-70 %

Safeguard Team

No need to touch measures objects which can safeguard both the structure and the crew.

See the Unseen

Scanning can reveal issues that would otherwise be invisible-to the naked eye , such as wall leaning or wraping.

Reduce Rework 12-15%

Rework usually account for 12-15% of the cost of construction ,but using laser scanning can reduce that to 1-3% saving money and keeping projects on schedule.

Increase Accuracy +/- 2mm

Measurement is accurate with in 2mm

Survey the Unreachable

Scanning allows for the measurement of hard to reach objects


With our Laser scanning services, your design & execution team is able to view , measure and navigate the exact site condition at your workplace.