We provide point cloud to BIM modeling services to a wide range of construction industry sectors, including architects, general contractors, Mechanical/Plumbing/HVAC contractors and civil contractors. The intelligent As-built model we create will contain all the building data embedded in it including the current building elements such as beams, columns, ceilings, roofs, walls, ducts, pipes and thus can be used to analyze the existing conditions as well as for renovation and demolition purposes. We have successfully complete a number of point cloud conversion projects taking advantage of our vast experience in BIM modeling and rich domain knowledge.

Point cloud modeling technology offers the following advantages and makes life easier for engineers and facilities managers, especially during refurbishment and renovation phases of a complicated project. Point cloud to BIM service can be used to validate the key conditions and services of the built environment of a project and can be used as an integral component throughout the entire project life cycle.


We understand the complexities involved in the development of intelligent Asbuilt Building Information Models and have devised solutions for addressing the challenges involved in handling large projects. From the in-depth knowledge gained from a variety scan to BIM projects, we have developed a best methods to ensure that BIM deliverables modeled from the point cloud serves the purpose of the clients .Cosmere’s model team is one of the most experienced in the industry, having evolved by working across software platforms, developing work flows, and creating 3D surface models with an accuracy of +/- 2mm in various industry sectors.